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I am very satisfied with the speed with which funds are made available.
The file was processed in a few days.
I was able to realize my vehicle purchase quickly and confirm my choice without problem.
Thank you to the whole team for seriousness and professionalism.

Charlot Tisserand

Car loan, France

File easy to build and quick response. Bravo!

Géraldine Ricard

Miscellaneous loan, France

My loan project has been processed quickly and accurately with the information provided. I highly recommend this lending organization.


Works loan, Hungary

Speed in the processing of the file.
Advisers listening.
I recommend

Germaine Carignan

Real Estate loan, Swiss

Very good overall. I’m satisfied.

Jana Gaertner

Real Estate loan, Germany

No problem with EMS FINANCE.

Arévalo Guzmán

Works loan, Portugal

Very professional and competent

Mohammad Bruce

Car loan, Ireland

I am very happy to have one day click on EMS FINANCE and see that my request has been taken into consideration and after analysis of my EMS file trusted me. I am sure that in the future other people like me will trust EMS because it is a safe bet.


Works loan, Grenada

Very satisfied with EMS FINANCE and Mr Pascal, my consultant, was particularly serious and professional! A big thanks to him

Amarante Berger

Debts consolidation loan, Australia

Very serious, good follow-up of the file, fast answer.


Miscellaneous loan, Australia

Thank you very much for your trust. If I had listened to my entourage I would never have received this loan that changed my finances. Thank you and thank you EMS FINANCE.


Miscellaneous loan, Barbados

Nothing to report, everything normally happened.

Quartilla Giordano

Debts consolidation loan, Italy

Thanks to emsfinance.net, I got a home loan at a rate well below what I could have had without help. It was necessary to remind the urgency of the need of financing at the beginning in order to have the first offers of loan, but once the machine in progress, everything went perfectly well! Thank you for your help


Real Estate loan, United Kingdom

Initially, I just wanted to do a simulation of my ability to borrow on the internet. Contacted by a very nice advisor in the following days, he was good advice and will have built a solid record that allowed us to borrow at an excellent rate. The customer follow-up is excellent and the result is very satisfying!

Uwe Ebersbach

Professional loan, Germany

I really appreciated your availability, the ongoing efforts to find solutions and the ability of your teams to put things into perspective and motivate us. Thank you for your cooperation and your pragmatism.

Marta Orellana

Car loan, Spain

Attractive rate
Dematerialization of welcome documents
A counselor who calls you to take stock of what you have answered and who tries to detect by his questions if your answers were honest
And then after a person who calls you to tell you that your file has been validated and when the funds will be sent
It shows a seriousness and a respect


Miscellaneous loan, Italy

Quick and serious study.

Seth Hoogenboom

Professional loan, Austria

Very fast!
All the steps can be done directly online.

Yollanda SANDY

Debts consolidation loan, Trinidad and Tobago

Very responsive credit organization, who informed me at every step of my credit application (SMS, e-mail, phone).
Very attractive rate. EMS FINANCE, a safe institution that I recommend and that I will not hesitate to contact again for another credit.

Joachim N. Poulsen

Professional loan, Denmark

Good experience simple and fast I made a loan application of 10000 euro sends all the documents online positive response and fast fund release.

Didier Umtiti

Professional loan, New Caledonia

A big thank you to EMS FINANCE for its follow-up and pragmatism.

Vicente Alcala

Motorcycle loan, Spain

This is the 2nd time that I have been using EMS FINANCE in 4 years, and I am still satisfied with their services.
Nothing to say except: professionalism, responsiveness of exchanges, and speed of payment, so everything is perfect.


Miscellaneous loan, France

Finally a credible credit institution. I will talk about you around me. By the way, I thank my adviser Jacques; he is very courteous. Thanks to EMS too.


Debts consolidation loan, Barbados

Very warm welcome good answer to questions asked friendly staff. Ready quickly received. Thanks for your rapidity.


Professional loan, Slovenia

very quick response, very kind staff and speed in unlocking funds


Travel Loan, Philippines

Our consultant was careful to do well and went out of her way to make our case a success. Always very nice and available. Thank you.

Céline Beaupars

Miscellaneous loan, Canada

I did not know that I could get my loan so quickly. Thanks for your rapidity.

Kuala Lumpur

Professional loan, Malaysia

I am completely satisfied with your services. A big special thanks to my advisor.

Yolette Trépanier

Debts consolidation loan, Canada

Excellent performance. Everything went well from the beginning of the negotiation until the loan. I highly recommend. Thanks and good luck helping people find the best rate on the market.

Bruno Querry

Miscellaneous loan, Madagascar

Professionals from A to Z. I recommend.

Venanzio Bruno

Travel Loan, Italy

Very reactive.

Alphonse Boisvert

Car loan, France

honestly I filled my file on Saturday very fast response and the funds were transferred 3 days later …. top

Jasmine Field

Travel Loan, United Kingdom

Very good loan application tracking and quick agreement.
Simplicity of the gait.
I recommend.
Thanks to the whole team.

Noémi Labrosse

Professional loan, Canada

Speed of treatment and simplicity. If necessary I will use their services again


Car loan, Swiss

Informed advice. Excellent follow up. Professional and warm welcome. Thank you.


Debts consolidation loan, Ireland

listening and available


Travel Loan, Canada

I am more than happy with my experience with ems finance, quick response, very good communication and funds received very quickly too. I highly recommend. Thank you

Demi Baker

Prêt Miscellaneous loan, Ireland

Everything was done on time as planned. Nothing bad to report.


Miscellaneous loan, France

Speed efficiency. A little too much messy confirmation emails later but I understood that there was a new software. Thank you because I received my loan on time.


Real Estate loan, Germany

My consultant was always there to help me, very professional, everything was clear, clean and precise. The release of funds has been fast so we are very satisfied. A big thank you to the EMS FINANCE team.

Sylvie Picard

Debts consolidation loan, Canada

Very effective and impressive speed. In 4 days the file was closed; I received my credit.

Alita Couture

Debts consolidation loan, Canada

Professionalism, friendliness, and responsiveness. EMS FINANCE fully deserves these 5 stars. Bravo. Jacques HERVE

Mirella Mazzi

Miscellaneous loan, Italy

I was very happy with the quality of the consultant I met. He is very attentive, quick and well advised. I received my loan very quickly. Big up.

Adrien Trottier

Travel Loan, Dominica

listening, responsiveness, advice, monitoring, availability of funds in 48 hours. I validate their service.


Car loan, France

Very good, interesting offers and follow-up at the top. An accompaniment until the realization of the project.

Jorès Martineau

Professional loan, France

Fast, clear, simplified approach thanks to advisors. Here in Barbados we really need you.

Amelia Wood

Miscellaneous loan, Barbados

Frankly, if you need to contact EMS. The staff is super understanding and the credit is cheap. I’m glad there is this kind of way to help us out in the difficult parts of life. Thanks to them.


Professional loan, Australia

I am very happy, I received my funds for my shop.

Ruth Joseph

Miscellaneous loan, Grenada

Staff listening and nice, everything was settled very quickly. I highly recommend Ems Finance.


Debts consolidation loan, Brazil

I am a client for the second time and everything is still going very well.

Paul Joseph

Car loan, Grenada

I consulted a forum about you and the comments are really accurate.

Jean Marc

Car loan, France

Quick and easy request on their website. Reply just as easy and fast. A perfect follow-up informing me of upcoming messages and upcoming events. Once the final agreement was obtained, the funds were on my account in 03 small days. So perfect!

Alje Tuit

Works loan, Netherlands

One word: Thank you. I did not think I could get my loan so fast.


Miscellaneous loan, France

Impeccable service. Customer service is responsive and responsive; I quickly received my loan. Thank you to my counselor Sophie.


Debts consolidation loan, St Lucia

I now know where to turn for my financing projects.

Anita Percher

Miscellaneous loan, Guadeloupe

Quite fast processing of demand, high fees (over 10,000 BBD loans, more than 500 BBD) and quite high rate. The practical side is paid. Thanks anyway for the quick release of funds.

Malika Walcott

Professional loan, Grenada

I am completely satisfied with both of my interlocutors. If I need I will not hesitate for a second to call them. Super Gentiles. Listening and available. Everything was perfect from start to finish. My counselor was great. I only know by phone but it’s not super person on all points. Her insurance advisor is very nice. Clear explanations, and available on all points. The delay was perfectly ok no long wait. I think everything went very well, simply, without any stress in the restraint. Very well. Need fulfilled that ask for more when you are at the lowest. You find in front of you nice people who understand you and you sort of bad luck. Without hesitation I will recommend if the opportunity is. The EMS FINANCE team is really good, I am completely satisfied. Personally I have nothing to add, especially do not change anything. You have a team and very competent advisers, listening and super friendly. Congratulations and thank you for everything.

Sheila Joseph

Professional loan, Grenada

I appealed to Ems Finance because, I did not know where to go and your website and comments made me feel confident.

Wegahta Petros

Real Estate loan, Papua New Guinea

I found funding quickly. While my main bank could not finance me because of a burnout. Thanks to EMS FINANCE.

Aiden Elliot

Professional loan, Australia

I am going through EMS FINANCE, which I discovered by chance, for my immo credit. I met Ophelie with whom it went very well and thanks to whom I got my loan very quickly.

Eden Patrick

Real Estate loan, Cayman Island

I am very happy with ems finance fast .professional, serious.
thanks again i highly recommend ems finance


Works credit, France

Without surprise.
Deadlines respected.
I really recommend!

Jude Saunders

Professional loan, United Kingdom

Quick. Nice counselor. Thank you

Vachel Paulet

Miscellaneous loan, France

everything happened very quickly, between the moment I received the agreement and the 3 legal days of waiting for withdrawal.
No problem thank you to the people who contacted me. cordially

Sophie Stevens

Real Estate loan, South Africa

I applied for a consumer credit for my cooking; quick response, quick file sent with correspondents to listen thanks to EMS finance which was very effective and responsive.

Joshua Pacheco Roque

Miscellaneous loan, Spain

I am very satisfied with ems finance serious fast and very attentive to the need and urgency of the financial need

Valiant Gaudreau

Car loan, Swiss

Real offers relevant and adapted to customer demand. Good follow-up and intervention on the file

Annouk Hameleers

Miscellaneous loan, Belgium

Very fast and professional I am very satisfied

John Weekes

Real Estate loan, St Lucia

request processed successfully very quickly.
My interlocutor was at the top.
I recommend without problem to my entourage.
Thank you again for your efficiency

Antoine Ameka

Works loan, France

very fast, excellent reception every time, .de more interesting compared to other organizations. I highly recommend.

Francette Pavard

Miscellaneous loan, France

very good credit … i lost my husband everything was “settled in a normal time.


Miscellaneous loan, Spain

I recommend EMS FINANCE I made my request via their website, and was contacted in the same day .. After he got me a phone appointment with the bank in question to rework my request then everything was done by mail …. I found this process very good and really fast. The only thing I can blame them for is that they have only made one proposal from a bank.

Bazyli Król

Professional loan, Poland

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you


Works loan, Martinique

I recommend without hesitation the services of EMS FINANCE to all my knowledge. I do not stop talking about you all around me.

Skye Nepea

Debts consolidation loan, Australia

Very fast
Good listening
In the top


Professional loan, Martinique

Very fast, take the pictures and send them on a very well done platform. 04 days later I had the funds on my account. Practical and fast I recommend EMS FINANCE.

Sef Boekholt

Car loan, Belgium

Good home damage for the expenses. But it’s normal to think about it. Thanks anyway because I received my loan.

Laure Desruisseaux

Miscellaneous loan, France

I am more than satisfied and will advise my friends Shamelia and Donald. Thank you. Thanks to you, I paid off all my debts.


Debts consolidation loan, Barbados

Nothing to say. Thank you to my advisor Jacques and the entire EMS Finance team.


Debts consolidation loan, South Africa

I doubted a moment before committing myself. I was not deceived.


Works loan, Canada

The customer reviews on your site convinced me to continue with you. Compared to other credit redemption organizations, the first telephone contact pleasantly surprised me, the counselor was always listening to me. The answers on capital and on fees were clear.

Guy Salmons

Debts consolidation loan, Belgium

Fast, efficient and human.
Do not hesitate to call on them.

Roland Thibodeau

Professional loan, Canada

Very fast – no need to move or take appointment – quick response – money paid in a very short time directly to the account – makes life easier for customers

Philip Savoie

Debts consolidation loan, Canada

I just think you are the best. Speed, simplicity and pragmatism. Bravo.


Debts consolidation loan, Isle of Man

All testimonials are confirmed. I received my loan successfully. I am so happy.


Professional loan, Dominica

Why was my request denied?


Miscellaneous loan, France

I recommend


Miscellaneous loan, Austria

You have participated in my new life, my happiness and that of my children. A huge thank you, I finally came back

Vilarina Lopez

Miscellaneous loan, Spain

By my bank with the help of my bank advisor. Again thank you for proposing solutions as you do. Otherwise I will not be where I am today.

Samuel James

Professional loan, Barbados

I found with EMS finance an effective coach on my financing projects and I would return to EMS finance the day I will have other projects. Thank you.

Samuel Fauss

Professional loan, United Kingdom

Excellent service, efficient and personalized.


Works loan, Iceland

Effective, rapid, and conclusive service.

Baldo Riojas Salas

Car loan, Spain