Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions




What are the loan conditions?

To obtain credit from EMS FINANCE , you must:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Have a justifiable monthly income
  • Own a valid Identity Card or Passport
  • To be able to present a proof of residence of less than 3 months
How much can I borrow?

The minimum amount you can borrow is 2,500 (€, $). In reality, there is no maximum to borrow, the maximum amount of borrowing for each client is calculated according to its borrowing capacity. Please contact us for a more specific request.

What are the expenses related to my loan?
Application fee: The administrative fees are between 100 (€, $) and 500 (€, $) on average, they cover the work necessary for the constitution of your file. If your case is not difficult, you will easily benefit from a discount of up to 25%. If you have the profile of the perfect borrower, you can get outright removal of the fees.
Each credit institution sets its fees, there are no regulated fees. Which means that they are therefore negotiable! Feel free to ask for a discount, especially if you find that the fees offered by other institutions are lower. However in case of refusal of the loan, in general, the banks do not refund you the expenses of file. But EMS FINANCE is committed to refunding them in full within a maximum of 48 hours.

Notary expenses: The notary fees include several items including the various taxes collected by the notary on behalf of the State, the various charges advanced on behalf of the client, plus his remuneration. They are the responsibility of the borrower.
Contrary to what many people think or say, the international loan contract is still certified by a Notary. Only the contract of an international loan between people who know each other or the same family can be drafted at home without the need to go through a Notary Office.

How to apply for credit?

To apply for a credit, simply complete the online form available on the Credit Application page and be guided. Make sure you have all the information: valid identity card or passport, proof of address (water or electricity bill, fixed or mobile phone bill, bank statement with your address displayed on it, etc.), and your RIB (Bank Statement of Identity).

When can I get my loan?

Within 24 to 72 business hours of accepting the loan, and signing the loan agreement, you will have access to your funds.

What about the signing of the loan agreement?

Immediately available after the validation of your credit application, all you have to do is sign it on time. You can, indeed, keep your contract 02 days before returning it to our organization. This is a last reflection period, because subscribing to a credit is a long-term commitment.

How to make payment of monthly payments?

The repayment of the credit is made only by automatic deduction from the account. You can prepay without charge.